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Shipping a BMW overseas

Information and tips on shipping your BMW abroad

At AutoShippers we've been shipping BMWs as well as other makes overseas for over 20 years. With the combined experience and expertise of our agents, we'll ensure you receive the help and guidance you need throughout every step of the process. Don't settle for anything but the best.

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Our Services

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo)

Considered the simplest method of shipping your vehicle overseas, Roll-on Roll-off involves firstly delivering your BMW to the port for inspection by customs, then rolling the vehicle straight onto the specialised deck of the RoRo vessel and securing it into position. Once the vessel arrives at the destination, your BMW is simply rolled off of the ship and onto the port where it's then cleared by customs and made available for collection.

An advantage of this method is added protection from elements like wind and water, due to the fact that your vehicle is sheltered inside the RoRo vessel. RoRo also benefits from frequent departures to various ports around the globe, making it easier to book a time that suits you best. Some important considerations for this method of shipping are that you cannot put any personal belongings inside the car to be shipped, and the vehicle must be in a good enough condition to be driven onto and off of the ship.

Container Shipping

This method involves carefully securing the BMW into a 20ft or 40ft container, chocking the wheels and using straps to ensure that the vehicle cannot move during transit. Then once at the port, the container is loaded and secured on to the vessel for shipping. For destinations such as New Zealand and Australia we offer an R-Rak service which allows us to ship multiple cars in a single container. This increases efficiency and cuts costs for the customer, without compromising on safety. On arrival the containers are off-loaded from the vessel and onto the port ready for collection/delivery.

An advantage of this method, is that unlike RoRo, you can choose to ship personal belongings inside the container with your car.

Air Freight

This is the safest way of shipping your BMW, and is best for those particularly expensive models that you feel require an added level of protection. It is also the fastest method, with minimum transit times of as little as one week.

Before You Go

A few important things to consider before shipping your BMW overseas


To avoid delays and extra costs, ensure that you have all documentation required by carriers and regulatory agencies. Different destinations may require different documentation, so make sure to find out before hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

Vehicle History

Customs may check any outstanding finance owed if you don't provide an export certificate. If finance is owed then you may need written approval from the loan company to ship your vehicle.


Taxes and other costs also vary between countries, so do your research before hand and make sure you know before you go to avoid any unexpected delays and costs.


There are some steps that you should take to ensure that your BMW is fit for transport. Failing to make these preparations could mean delays in the shipping process.

  • Make sure that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle have been thoroughly cleaned for inspection.
  • Ensure the vehicle is safe and in working condition (unless specified otherwise).
  • Disable car security systems, remove GPS, stereo or any other portable equipment, remove antenna and fold mirrors back.
  • Apply anti-freeze and possibly even rust protection where necessary as your vehicle may be prone to harsh conditions during transport.
  • If you are shipping by container, make a list of any personal items you are shipping with the vehicle. For RoRo shipments, ensure that there are no personal belongings in the vehicle.
  • Have an extra set of keys with you for collection of the vehicle.

We hope this page was helpful. For further information we also offer a range of guides for shipping to our major destinations.

We ship to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cyprus, South Africa, Malta, Dubai, Namibia and more.

For a quick quote, feel free to complete the form on this page, or give us a call FREE on 0800 389 0784

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