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Hong Kong Car Import Guide

Rules and Regulations when importing a car into Hong Kong, including first registration fees and emission standards requirements.

There are no duties to be paid when importing or shipping a vehicle into Hong Kong however importers and private shippers should be aware that the vehicle must comply with specific regulations to ensure that the vehicle confirms to current Hong Kong legislation.

Below is a summary of current requirements for importing and registration of a car into Hong Kong. These will apply when shipping a car from the UK.

Important Note: It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure full compliance with these regulations before they ship their vehicle. The information below is a guide only.

  • The Environmental Protection Department, the Transport Department and Customs and Excise Department, will all be involved separately in the importation to, and registration of, motor vehicles in Hong Kong.
  • The importer of any vehicle for personal use into Hong Kong is required by law to file an import return to the Customs and Excise Department within 30 days of the importation of the vehicle.
  • Although no duties are payable on arrival, you will have to pay a registration tax. You must apply for vehicle first registration with the Transport Department. Hong Kong Registration tax for private cars is 40% on the first $150,000.00, rising to 115% on higher value cars.
  • You are required to prove your vehicle is fully compliant with the emission standards in the Air Pollution Control (Vehicle Design Standards)(Emission) Regulation and Noise Control (Motor Vehicles) Regulation. Proof of emission compliance can be documents issued by the vehicle's Manufacturer such as a Certificate of Conformity or an emission testing report issued by an approved test laboratory.

The above is a very brief summary of current legislation when shipping a car from the UK to Hong Kong.


All shippers should note that they must comply with current legislation and ensure they have the correct documentation to ensure that exemption is granted and that they are allowed to import their vehicle into Hong Kong.

The information given here is as a guide only and we are not responsible for any losses incurred in the event that an application is declined. These costs are for the shipper’s risk.

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