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Malta Car Shipping and Import Guide

A Guide To Malta Import Customs Regulations, Duties and Taxes

Get prepared before you go. Useful facts and information on shipping your vehicle to Malta

Since the UK is no longer a part of the European Union, there have been changes to the procedure for exporting to and importing into Malta. For Export customs, instead of a T2L being issued a full Customs entry is required by HMRC. At Autoshippers, we have been exporting to non-EU countries for over 20 years and our operators all have extensive knowledge and experience of UK Customs procedures.

Our Maltese vehicle shipping agents can arrange Customs clearance and, if necessary, delivery of your vehicle to any location in Malta. They are a family owned business that have been in existence for almost 30 years and they have been assisting our customers in the import of their vehicles into Malta for many years. Once your car has arrived in Malta they will escort you to the port office and the customs office and arrange for the appropriate customs paperwork for you.

Import regulations for new and used cars being shipped into Malta can be complex. In line with current regulations every new or used Motor Vehicle must be registered with the Authorities. Private individuals importing a used vehicle must make an appointment for the vehicle to be inspected.

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Transport Malta
JEVIC UK Ltd booking form
Autoshippers Car Shipping Insurance
Odometer authenticity guidance notes
Odometer authenticity certificate application form

Before you go

Transport Malta have a legislation in place that means that all vehicles being imported into Malta must have an odometer authenticity certificate verifying the vehicles mileage. Transport Malta have identified JEVIC UK Ltd as the approved body in the UK to complete inspection of the vehicle and issue the authenticity certificate that must be submitted to them when the vehicle is imported into Malta.

Information, costs and contact details for application can be found in JEVIC guidance notes available here and the booking form needed to make your application can be found here.

Documentation we need

To enable us to arrange shipment of your car to Malta there are a few things that we need from you. So that we can raise shipping documentation, complete UK export customs formalities and, if required, arrange collection of your car we will require copies of the below documents. Please note that we only require copies of the below documents, originals should be kept with you as they will be needed at destination for completion of Maltese customs and registration formalities. Under no circumstances should originals be left in the vehicle.

• A copy of the vehicles Log Book / License document (V5).
• A copy of a valid MOT certificate will only be needed if you would like us to arrange collection of your vehicle in the UK using an insured driver. If your vehicle does not have a valid MOT, or if you would simply prefer, we also offer collection using enclosed collection vehicle or car transporters.

Documentation we Provide (Bill of Lading)

Shortly after departure of the vessel carrying your car to Malta we will provide you with a copy of the Bill of Lading covering shipment of your vehicle. The Bill of Lading is evidence of your vehicle having been exported from the UK and will be required when your vehicle arrives at destination. In addition to copy shipping documentation, we will also re-confirm the anticipated arrival date of the ship in Malta and will also provide full contact details for our local receiving agents at destination.

Arriving in Malta

Once your vehicle has arrived in Malta, our agent will be in contact with you to ensure that you have all of the relevant information and documentation to enable you to clear through customs and register your vehicle for use on the roads of Malta.

In fact, we would recommend that you are in contact with our Maltese agent as soon as possible in the shipping process as they will need to have details of your specific situation and vehicle specification. They will work with you to ensure that you have all of the correct documentation in place for a smooth import process.

When shipping a vehicle to Malta from the UK in conjunction with changing your place of residence you are entitled to import one vehicle into Malta exempt from paying tax provided that the following criteria are met:

• The vehicle must have been owned by you and registered in your name for at least 6 months before importing into Malta.
• You must have lived outside of Malta for a period of at 12 months before transferring your residency to Malta.
• The vehicle must be declared to Transport Malta within 30 days of its arrival and within 12 months of you transferring your residence but no more than 2 months before you arrive.

A cash deposit as security is collected and refunded after a year from the date of import. It can be refunded once the importer is able to prove residence and that they have spent at least six months in Malta in the last year, and that items imported free of imported duties are still in their possession.

Please be aware that Transport Malta are heavily involved in the import Customs clearance and vehicle registration process, and you will need to visit their offices in person to sign the forms required to register and licence your vehicle after it has been released.

Benefits of Roll on Roll off (Ro Ro) Shipping

Benefits of Container Shipping

40' Container. Additional Benefits

Registering an Imported Vehicle

Once our Maltese agent has assisted you in the clearance of your vehicle you will need to register it for use on the roads of Malta. Our agent will also assist you in this process as, just as with Customs clearance, there are many forms and requirements needed to register your vehicle.

The process is dependant on many factors, whether you are changing your place of permanent residence to Malta being one of the main ones, Transport Malta again are heavily involved.


To obtain the registration value for your car Transport Malta provide a vehicle valuation calculator on their website. When you have obtained the registration value from the Transport Malta website you should print a copy of the valuation report generated as this valuation report will be required for verification when you register your car.


To register your vehicle in Malta you will also be required to have your vehicle inspected by the Technical Unit of the Land Transport Directorate. When you take your vehicle to be inspected you will need to take the vehicles registration certificate (V5C) along with your valuation printout so that all vehicle details can be checked and verified.

Your valuation printout will be duly signed and stamped by the Technical Unit and returned to you for use during registering your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been checked and verified you may register your vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing unit by presenting your verified valuation printout along with the other required documentation, of which our agent will again assist you with.

You will need to pay any registration tax plus administration fee, inspection fee, licence plates fee and vehicle license.

Registering a Classic Vehicle

A vehicle can be registered as a classic, vintage or veteran in Malta if is at least 30 years old. It needs to be classified as such by Malta’s Vintage Classification Committee

To register a vehicle as classic, there are various forms and documentation requirements, and they must be submitted to the Land Transport Directorate in person. These include specific photographs of the vehicle as well as the vehicle registration documents.

Once the committee has approved the vehicles classification a letter confirming the amount of registration tax to be paid is sent. From here the owner has 20 days to register the vehicle, after this date the owner is liable for a fine for late registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are able to accommodate collections throughout the UK. We have the option to collect on a car carrier, a fully enclosed collection vehicle or using an insured driver dependant on your own requirements. Please note that to use our insured driver service you would require a full MOT to be in place.
The cost of shipping depends on the type of vehicle and the shipping option that best suits your requirements, be it full container, R-Rak shared container or RoRo. There are current prices for port-port shipping on all services in our Malta destination page.
Our services are only up to arrival port, but we will put you in contact with an agent at destination who can assist you with the whole process. Once we have confirmation that your vehicle has departed we will send you all the required documentation and details of the overseas agent. If you haven’t heard from them within 3 days of the planned arrival we would suggest you give them a call.
You can take personal effects within your vehicle if you are shipping on a containerised service. If you are utilising our Ro-Ro service you are unable to have personal effects in your vehicle. If any are added you risk your vehicle not being loaded and additional charges could be incurred. If you have a lot of personal effects to take with you then you can contact our sister company 1st Move International.
Your car insurance does not usually cover you for damages or loss during transit. We offer a separate marine insurance policy which covers you from the moment that we collect or your deliver your vehicle into our care up to the point that you receive it at destination. There are three levels or insurance cover to choose from, we would never recommend shipping your vehicle without some sort of cover.

Contact us on 0800 3890784 for any further information.

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