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Malta Car Shipping and Import Guide

A Guide To Malta Customs Regulations

Get prepared before you go to avoid delays and other common problems. Useful facts and info about shipping your to Malta

Shipping a car from the UK to Malta is completed in line with simplified customs procedures as the vehicle remains within the EU and is simply being transferred between two member states. While there are still some documentary requirements that must be met when your car is shipped and when it arrives in Malta, we complete and provide you with all customs and shipping documentation that is required and our agents at destination will assist you in completing all local Maltese formalities. We have compiled this guide to help you understand what is involved when you ship your car, to let you know what happens when your car arrives and what charges you should expect to pay at destination. We hope this guide covers everything you need however, please do get in touch if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

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Download or Print our Malta Car Shipping Guide Here.
Odometer authenticity guidance notes
Odometer authenticity certificate application form
Application for exemption from motor vehicle tax - Form VEH07

Before you go

In early 2011 a change to Transport Malta legislation means that all vehicles being imported into Malta from other EU member states must have an odometer authenticity certificate verifying the vehicles mileage. Transport Malta have identified JEVIC UK Ltd as the approved body in the UK to complete inspection of the vehicle and issue the authenticity certificate that must be submitted to them when the vehicle is imported into Malta.

Documentation we need

To enable us to arrange shipment of your car to Malta there are a few things that we need from you. So that we can raise shipping documentation, complete UK export customs formalities and if required arrange collection of your car from you we will require copies of the below documents. Please note that we only require copies of the below documents, originals should be kept with you as they will be needed at destination for completion of Maltese customs and registration formalities.

• A copy of the vehicles Log Book / License document (V5).
• A copy of the photo page of your Passport
• A copy of a valid MOT certificate will only be needed if you would like us to arrange collection of your vehicle in the UK using an insured driver. If your vehicle does not have a valid MOT, or if you would simply prefer, we also offer collection using enclosed collection vehicle or car transporters.

Arriving in Malta

Port and shipping line charges

On arrival of your car in Malta there will be some costs to pay for in regard to port / shipping line charges for unloading and handling your vehicle at the port and for services provided by our agents in relation to completion of local customs formalities. We have provided an indication of the cost for these standard arrival charges below for your reference:

  Shipping by
20' container
Shipping by
Ro Ro
Compulsory Optional
Port Charges EUR469 EUR170 X  
EUR265 n/a X  
Customs clearance EUR120 EUR120 X

Benefits of Roll on Roll off (Ro Ro) Shipping

Benefits of Container Shipping

40' Container. Additional Benefits

Duty and Tax

When shipping a car to Malta from the UK in conjunction with changing your place of residence to Malta you are entitled to import one vehicle into Malta exempt from paying tax provided that the following criteria are met:

• The vehicle must have been owned by you and registered in your name for at least 24 months before importing into Malta.
• You must have lived outside of Malta for a period of at 24 months before transferring your residency to Malta.
• The vehicle must be declared to Transport Malta within 30 days of it's arrival and within 12 months of you transferring your residence to Malta but no more than 2 months before you arrive.



To register your vehicle in Malta you will be required to have your vehicle inspected by the Technical Unit of the Land Transport Directorate who will book a test time with you on application. When you take your vehicle to be inspected you will need to take the vehicles registration certificate (V5) along with your valuation printout so that all vehicle details can be checked and verified. Contact details for the Technical Unit in based in Floriana can be found on their website here.

Your valuation printout will be duly signed and stamped by the Technical Unit and returned to you for use during registering your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been checked and verified you may register your vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing unit, also in Floriana by presenting your verified valuation printout along with the other below listed documentation:

• Original vehicle Registration document (V5)
• Original vehicle Registration document (V5)
• Copy shipping documentation
• Your existing registration plates
• Valid insurance certificate

As an indication of fees associated with registering your vehicle, you should expect to pay approximately EUR50 for inspection fees and EUR15 registration fees. In addition to standard inspection and registration fee you will be required to pay an annual circulation fee (similar to UK road tax) that is determined by the age of the vehicle and it's Co2 emissions. While, as an example, for a 5 year old vehicle with average Co2 emissions (around 130g/km) annual circulation tax will be charged at around EUR150, confirmation of circulation tax for your vehicle can be obtained from the Transport Malta Land Transport Directorate.

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