Car Shipping Insurance

Insurance cover for shipping your car overseas

Auto Shippers provide marine insurance cover for vehicles shipped internationally for complete peace of mind. All insurance is provided through our specialist brokers Basil Fry Co with policies underwritten by the insurance giants Royal and Sun Alliance PLC.

Super Cover

Vehicle Value Premium
Up to £20,000 2.2 %
£20,001 - £40,000 2.1 %
£40,001 - £60,000 1.9 %
£60,001 - £100,000 1.8 %
  • Covers total loss
  • Covers theft
  • Covers damage
  • NO excess

Standard Cover

Vehicle Value Premium
Up to £20,000 1.8 %
£20,001 - £40,000 1.7 %
£40,001 - £60,000 1.5 %
£60,001 - £100,000 1.4 %
  • Covers total loss
  • Covers theft
  • Covers damage
  • 1% excess (max £250)

Restricted Cover

Vehicle Value Premium
Up to £20,000 1.5 %
£20,001 - £40,000 1.4 %
£40,001 - £60,000 1.3 %
£60,001 - £100,000 1.2 %
  • Covers total loss only
  • NO cover for theft
  • NO cover for damage
  • 1% excess (min £25, max £250)

Quality insurance cover is essential when shipping a car internationally. The Flexi-Cover insurance scheme we hold provides three levels of insurance cover for you to choose from to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the moment it leaves your care until you receive it at destination.

Using the worlds largest and most reputable shipping lines, we take the utmost care of your vehicle. However, due to the distances involved in when transporting a vehicle overseas, the need for other parties including customs officers at destination to handle your vehicle and factors such as bad weather rough seas, we provide full marine insurance cover for your vehicles as part of our standard service

To request a quotation to ship your car overseas you can post your enquiry using the quote request form on the home page. If you have any questions about the insurance cover we provide, you can call us Free on 0800 3890784 or alternatively if you would just like to ask us a quick question you can contact us here.

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