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Land Rover Shipping from the UK to USA and Canada

Exporting a Land Rover to the United States? Get up to date on the facts and info needed for a smooth shipping experience.

Helpful tips and information on the rules and regulations for Land Rovers coming into the US or Canada

At AutoShippers we've been shipping cars to the United States for over 20 years. We offer a range of shipping methods direct from all main UK ports to and from the USA. To find out more about how we can ship your Land Rover to the US or Canada, continue reading below. If you wish to learn about regulations for shipping a Land Rover to the US and Canada, skip to the regulations section further down on this page.

How we ship

Roll on Roll off (RoRo)

This is by far the easiest method of shipping your vehicle overseas. You can chose to deliver your Land Rover to the port, or have it arranged for collection. Once on the port, the car is driven directly onto the shipping vessel (hence the name Roll on Roll off), and secured inside the car deck with straps and braces to prevent any movement. Once the ship arrives at the destination port, it's simply driven off, cleared by customs and then made available for collection.
Find out more about our Roll on Roll off Car Shipping Service.

Container Shipping

We also offer a containerized car shipping service, whereby your Land Rover is secured inside its own 20ft or 40ft container and shipped on a container ship to your destination. Our container service operates on weekly departures from the main ports in the UK, including Bristol, Liverpool, London, Felixstowe and more. If you're shipping to the East Coast then you can expect a transit time of as little as 8 days. Gulf ports from 14 days, and the West Coast in about 22 days.
Find out more about our Container Car Shipping Service.

Watch our video to see exactly how we load Land Rovers for container shipments.

UK Nationwide Collections

Whether collecting from a dealer, private seller or from your home, we've got it covered and can arrange a professional collection service from anywhere in the UK, directly to the port or our depot.

Recent Land Rover Shipments

US Regulations

Below is a brief summary of the USA regulations. For more information on customs regulations you can also visit our USA Car Shipping guide.

For info on Canada's regulations visit our Canada Car Shipping Guide here.

The USA is known for having fairly tough import regulations. This page will give you the info you need to make an educated choice on shipping your Land Rover to the US, helping you avoid mistakes which could cost you time and money.

The US has two major regulatory authorities that govern car imports; the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Land Rovers over 25 years.

Due to the standards required by the DOT and EPA for car imports into the USA, any cars that are newer than 25 years old are not allowed into the country without extensive modifications. For Canada the cut off is 15 years instead of 25.

If your vehicle is over 25 years old and there aren't many major modifications then you shouldn't have any problems here. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations don't apply to Land Rovers manufactured over 25 years ago. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations don't apply to Land Rovers over 21 years old. The only exception to this rule involves the Land Rover 110, which must be in it's original form to import. This means no modified engines or frames. You are allowed some modifications, however, nothing drastically different from the way it came from the factory.

Land Rovers under 25 years.

If you want to import a Land Rover that was manufactured under 25 years ago then it can become a very complicated and costly process. To do so, the vehicle must be 'Federalized', which means doing extensive work to make it comply with the US regulations. Only selected years and models can have this done, and it MUST be done through a 'Registered Importer'. Meaning if you have a Land Rover under 25 years old and it's the right model for the option of having it modified, you CANNOT import it and do the work yourself. Nor can a company in the UK do the work. Only a registered importer in the US can.

In some cases, the amount of work required to make the vehicle comply with the standards may outweigh the costs of simply buying another car in the US.

Vehicles that don't comply with the US Standards must either be modified to do so, exported from the US, or destroyed. If you think you can cheat the system, think again. Many have tried and failed in the past.

You may wonder if its a good idea to have an overseas company rebuild a Defender from scratch to comply with the standards for import. Typically this is not a good idea as it may result in your newly built Land Rover being destroyed or sent straight back to where it came from if it doesn't fully comply with the regulations.

Or you could try simply driving your new Defender across the US border. Again, this is not a good idea and will likely get you in a lot of trouble. Some individuals have even attempted to alter the VIN number on their vehicle, or have taken the VIN from a car over 25 years old and stuck it on their newer one. Doing so is considered a serious crime, and could get you in even more trouble than the above. US customs will find out and they will impound your vehicle. If you manage to get your 'VIN-altered' vehicle onto US roads, and if you were to have an accident on the road, you would face huge liability issues.

In the eyes of the law, a thief driving a car with an altered VIN is just as bad as if you altered the VIN of your vehicle to import it.

Don't risk it. Stay safe and do it the right way. Make sure your vehicle fully complies with all import regulations to avoid unexpected delays and costs.

If you'd like to learn more about shipping to the USA then visit our dedicated USA Car Shipping Guide.

We also ship to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cyprus, South Africa, Malta, Dubai, Namibia and more.

Happy Customers

"Absolute 1st class service from enquiry to delivery on both occasions. I cannot praise this company and its staff highly enough. Many thanks for your sterling service."

Land Rover 110 to Jacksonville, USA

"You all were extraordinarily professional, courteous, helpful, knowledgable, and accommodating; 5 Stars all the way. Many thanks for all you and your crew did to pull this off."

Land Rover Series III to Charleston, USA

Arrival photos received from a customer after delivery of their Land Rover Lightweight in Baltimore, USA.

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