International Car Shipping Rates

Car Shipping prices for cars, autos, trucks and other vehicles

Car shipping rates vary for a number of reasons; from the distance travelled and time it takes for ships to reach their destination, to the amount of traffic moving to or from that part of the world. Shipping lines may offer very attractive car shipping rates due to large volumes of return traffic from a particular country.

The cost of shipping a car overseas also reflects the size of the vehicle being shipped. A normal saloon car will carry a lower rate than say a long wheelbase Land Rover or a people carrier, simply as they take up less space on the ship.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The average cost to ship a car from the UK varies and is mostly determined by the distance travelled. E.g. UK to Cyprus costs roughly £459, whereas shipping a car to Australia costs from around £743.

For an accurate estimate tailored to your requirements, request a car shipping quote using our quick quote form on this page, or alternatively if you would just like to ask us a quick question you can contact us here.

A UK collection service for your car to be collected from you and delivered to the UK port of departure is also available, with charges varying dependent on the distance from your home to the port.


As a guide, for a car to be collected from London and delivered to Southampton the cost will be £159. If you wish to deliver your vehicle to the port yourself you can, however please pre-book your car before travelling to the port so we can arrange necessary customs and dock gate passes.


We provide marine insurance cover for all cars shipped, with cover being in place from the time we collect your vehicle, or take it over at the port of exit if you deliver to the port yourself.

For further details on insurance cover please see our Car Shipping Insurance page here.

Seasonal Variation

While car shipping rates themselves are not seasonal, shipping lines do vary rates for a number of different reasons. Factors such as changing rates of exchange, changes in oil prices and fluctuations in the number of cars being shipped to and from particular places in the world can all have an impact on car shipping prices.

To give you the best possible price, we check with all major car carriers and offer you the best car shipping rates and services available at the time of your shipment.

For details of services we offer, please see the Auto Shippers Car Shipping home page
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