Car Shipping Costs

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?

Car shipping costs vary depending on a number of factors. These include; distance travelled, destination duties and taxes, the type of service required and the make and model of your vehicle. As a guide, the cost to ship from the UK to Cyprus is £509, whereas car shipping costs from the UK to Australia start from £784.

Other popular destinations:
Car shipping costs UK to USA
Car shipping costs UK to New Zealand

The time it takes for ships to reach their destination is also a factor, as well as the amount of traffic moving to or from that part of the world. Shipping lines may offer very attractive car shipping rates due to large volumes of return traffic from a particular country.

The shipping costs also reflect the size of the vehicle being shipped. A normal saloon car will carry a lower rate than say a long wheelbase Land Rover or a people carrier as they take up less space on the ship.

International Car Shipping Costs from the UK

Port Country Car Shipping Costs
Abu Dhabi UAE £1120
Auckland New Zealand £1762
Bahrain Bahrain £1120
Baltimore USA £978
Brisbane Australia £1515
Brunswick USA £978
Cape Town South Africa £1330
Casablanca Morocco £837
Charleston USA £978
Durban South Africa £1164
Fremantle Australia £1515
Galveston USA £1219
Halifax Canada £1095
Hong Kong China £880
Jacksonville USA £978
Jebel Ali UAE £1120
Jeddah Saudi Arabia £1030
Kingston Jamaica £1218
Kuwait Kuwait £1120
Laem Chabang Thailand £1179
Limassol Cyprus £645
Livorno Italy £810
Lyttelton New Zealand £2375
Manzanillo Panama £1575
Maputo Mozambique £1164
Melbourne Australia £1515
Mombasa Kenya £1164
Nassau Bahamas £1575
Nelson New Zealand £2375
New York USA £1095
Palermo Italy £939
Paramaribo Suriname £1843
Piraeus Greece £939
Point A Pitre Guadeloupe £1435
Port Au Prince Haiti £1843
Port Elizabeth South Africa £1209
Port Hueneme USA £1583
Port Kelang Malaysia £1197
Port of Spain Trinidad £1218
Roseau Dominica £1664
Salerno Italy £810
San Diego USA £1918
San Juan Puerto Rico £1258
Santa Marta Colombia £1575
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic £1575
Savona Italy £810
Setubal Portugal £762
Singapore Singapore £880
Sohar Oman £1120
St Georges Grenada £1664
St Johns Antigua £1664
Sydney Australia £1515
Tacoma USA £1583
Toyohashi Japan £1179
Valencia Spain £794
Valletta Malta £1101
Vancouver Canada £9308
Vera Cruz Mexico £1039
Wellington New Zealand £2375
Yokohama Japan £1179
Car Shipping Costs

A UK collection service for your car to be collected and delivered to the UK port of departure is also available. Collection and delivery charges vary dependent on the distance from your home to the port of exit or warehouse loading point.

The above costs table is for port to port shipping only and does not include additional charges for UK documentation, loading costs or insurance.

Don’t forget, duty and taxes and customs formalities are also not included, these will vary from country to country.
Please check with us on what additional costs are involved or check out our individual country guides.

For an accurate cost to ship your car, tailored to your requirements, simply complete the car shipping quote form or alternatively if you would just like to ask us a quick question you can contact us here.


As a guide, for a car to be collected from London and delivered to Southampton the cost will be £159. If you wish to deliver your vehicle to the port yourself you can, however please pre-book your car before travelling to the port so we can arrange necessary customs and dock gate passes.


We provide marine insurance cover for all cars shipped, with cover being in place from the time we collect your vehicle, or take it over at the port of exit if you deliver to the port yourself.

For further details on insurance cover please see our Car Shipping Insurance page here.

Seasonal Variation

While car shipping rates themselves are not seasonal, shipping lines do vary rates for a number of different reasons. Factors such as changing rates of exchange, changes in oil prices and fluctuations in the number of cars being shipped to and from particular places in the world can all have an impact on car shipping prices.

To give you the best possible price, we check with all major car carriers and offer you the best car shipping rates and services available at the time of your shipment.

For details of services we offer, please see the Auto Shippers Car Shipping home page
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