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Car Shipping from the UK to New Zealand

What are the costs to ship your car to New Zealand?

At Autoshippers we provide professional, weekly car shipping to New Zealand by RoRo, container and R-Rak services operating direct from the UK.

As one of the UK's largest shippers of privately owned cars, 4x4s, motorhomes, vans and trucks, our dedicated team of professionals are experienced in all aspects of shipping vehicles overseas.

Cost of Shipping a Car to New Zealand

Car shipping costs from the UK to New Zealand start at £1,400 for shared container services when shipping a family car. Costs may vary depending on the type of vehicle, service required and destination port. For example, shipping a 4x4 to Tauranga costs £1,590.

Listed below are our current car shipping costs for our weekly container shipping services to New Zealand. The car shipping rates and prices shown below do not include any duty or taxes if applicable.

UK collection can be arranged and will be in addition to the rates shown. These rates are from our UK depot in Grays, Essex to arrival at the named port in New Zealand and based on our unique R-Rak container shipping service.

Unlike RoRo services you will be allowed to load personal effects or spares into your vehicle. To get current rates, prices and further service details, please complete our New Zealand Car Shipping quote on this page.

Car Shipping Costs
UK to New Zealand

R-Rak Destination Shipping Cost
Saloon Car Auckland £1,400
Lyttelton (Christchurch) £1,400
Tauranga £1,400
SUV / 4x4 Auckland £1,590
Lyttelton (Christchurch) £1,590
Tauranga £1,590

Our Services

We offer unbeatable 20ft/40ft container services as well as regular R-Rak and Roll on Roll off shipments for cars, trucks, motorhomes, SUV's and motorcycles. If it has wheels, we can ship it!


Daily collection is available throughout the UK - with collection arranged using a chauffeur driver, on car transporters or using a fully enclosed collection vehicle to transport your car straight to the quay or to one of our container loading facilities located at all the major ports in the UK.


We provide marine car insurance through our specialist broker underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance for the added peace of mind of knowing your car is fully protected from the moment it leaves your care until you receive it at the destination.

UK to New Zealand Transit Times

Transit times from the UK to New Zealand typically range from 40-50 days, depending on the arrival port. Below are the average transit times you'd expect for each major destination in New Zealand.

  • Auckland - 44 days
  • Hamilton - 46 days
  • Lyttelton - 49 days
  • Napier - 47 days
  • Tauranga - 45 days
  • Taupo - 46 days
  • Wellington - 48 days

For our regularly updated sailing schedules with information on sailing dates and next available bookings, please see the table below.

The below schedules have been provided to us by the shipping lines, and are correct at the time of adding to the website. Please note that space availability can only be confirmed after receipt of all documentation and payment of your freight costs in full. These schedules are subject to change, Autoshippers aren’t responsible for any changes in the schedules.

UK to New Zealand Ro-Ro Sailing Schedules

Destination Vessel Sailing Date From Transit Times
Auckland Hoegh London 13/05/2024 Southampton 50 Days
Hoegh Berlin 19/05/2024
Hoegh Trotter 08/06/2024
Hoegh Tokyo 21/06/2024
Lyttelton Hoegh London 13/05/2024 Southampton 55 Days
Hoegh Berlin 19/05/2024
Hoegh Trotter 08/06/2024
Hoegh Tokyo 21/06/2024
Nelson Hoegh London 13/05/2024 Southampton 55 Days
Hoegh Berlin 19/05/2024
Hoegh Trotter 08/06/2024
Hoegh Tokyo 21/06/2024
Wellington Hoegh London 13/05/2024 Southampton 55 Days
Hoegh Berlin 19/05/2024
Hoegh Trotter 08/06/2024
Hoegh Tokyo 21/06/2024

Video - How We Ship Your Car to New Zealand

In this video we show you our process for shipping your car from the UK to New Zealand in a 20ft container.

  • The car is loaded and secured at our facility to ensure it doesn't move during shipment.
  • It is driven into the container and positioned before all four wheels are safely chocked using either metal or wood chocks.
  • Strong, padded ratchet straps are used to lash the wheels to the container's built-in securing eyelets.
  • If straps cannot be secured around the wheels, the vehicle's front and rear towing eyelets are used for secure lashing.
  • All shipping containers adhere to strict safety regulations, ensuring structural integrity and protection from weather conditions.

Check out our container car shipping page for more information on our container shipping process, and for more car shipping videos see our video gallery.

Info on Car Shipping to New Zealand

Ensure your vehicle meets all regulations and safety compliance standards for New Zealand. Almost all modern cars should comply with the standards, however regulations surrounding UK to New Zealand car imports are always changing so please check before you go. For help with regulations, customs and documentation, read our New Zealand car import guide.

For a quote to ship your car to New Zealand you can use the form on the this page. Alternatively you can call us Free on 0800 3890784 or simply contact us here.

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