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Export advice for shipping a car from the UK

Please feel free to call us on 0800 3890784 for any further information.

Permanent Export

Please note that if you are buying a vehicle to take abroad, make sure that the seller gives you the full vehicle log book (V5C) not just the new keeper slip.

Information on permanent export of a vehicle can be found on the GOV.UK website here.

Temporary Export

If you are taking your vehicle out of the country for less than 12 months you must make sure you take your Registration Document (V5) / Certificate (V5C) with you. If you do not have one, you should apply to a DVLA Local Office on form V62. The Registration Certificate may take up to 14 days to arrive. If you need to travel during this time you will need to apply for Temporary Registration Certificate. You should apply well before your journey, as there could be delays of up to 14 days in issuing the Certificate if you are not already recorded as the vehicle keeper. There is a fee for this service. You should make sure that you meet any international and national conditions for licensing and taxation.

Remember that if you’re not making a permanent move, UK law still applies. If you’re going for less than 12 months, you’ll still need valid UK tax, MOT, and insurance in place.

Information on temporary export of a vehicle can be found on the GOV.UK web site here.

If you are only shipping your vehicle from the UK for a limited time you may wish to consider obtaining a Carnet de Passage to avoid having to pay a deposit to the customs authorities in the country of destination. If you intend to apply for a Carnet de Passage you should make sure your application is made well in advance as it can take over a month for the application process to complete.

Essential Tips

In addition to notifying the DVLA that you will be shipping your car from the UK there are another couple of quick checks that we advise you make to avoid unnecessary delays and so that you know what to expect at destination when your vehicle arrives. Check out our car shipping checklist for more.

Check your vehicles history

Without an Export Certificate, UK customs may decide to check on any outstanding finance owed, especially if it is a new or high value vehicle. In the event that outstanding finance is due, you may still be able to ship you vehicle providing you can get written approval from the loan company. Checking the history of your vehicle before arranging shipment will help avoid last minute delays.

Check Duty and Taxes at destination

We can ship your vehicle anywhere! However, please bear in mind that you may be liable to pay import duties and taxes to the customs authorities at destination once your vehicle has arrived at the destination port. While we can assist you with the necessary import clearance documentation, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are conversant with import regulations and requirements in your country of destination. We have no control over charges incurred by customs authorities overseas. They may charge duties and taxes at their discretion. We have provide some useful links to overseas customs websites here.

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