Car Shipping

The revolutionary R-Rak system allows for safer and more efficient loading of multiple cars in a single container.

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Shipping

Considered one of the easiest car shipping methods, RoRo is preferred by some of the world's leading car manufacturers.

Car Shipping to the Philippines

Regular car shipping services direct from the UK to the Philippines by Container and Roll on Roll off. We ship cars from the UK to all the main ports in The Philippines including Manila, Cebu, Davao, and General Santos.

Shipping a car to the Philippines

Whether you are moving to the Philippines, or are importing a classic car for the thriving vintage vehicle market, at Autoshippers we provide regular shipping services for cars, motorbikes and other vehicles from the UK.

Our Shipping Services from the UK to the Philippines

As with other worldwide destinations, we have a few options available to you which are suitable for all vehicles and budgets.

RoRo Car Shipping to the Philippines

Short for Roll on-Roll off, RoRo shipping uses specially designed vessels that allow vehicles to be driven on and driven off, meaning that they are loaded and unloaded more efficiently than commercial container vessels.

RoRo vessels can take all vehicles, as long as their brakes are in fully working order, and often are able to even take non-wheeled items with the use of a MAFI (Mobile Loading Platform).

For more details on our RoRo shipping services, take a look at our RoRo Car Shipping page on our website.

Container Shipping to the Philippines

Some car shipments may be more suited to container shipping. This involves your vehicle(s) being safely and securely loaded into a 20ft or 40ft shipping container for shipping via commercial container vessels.

This is your option if you have personal items, or spare parts, to ship as well as your vehicle, as these are not allowed in RoRo shipping. This process also has less handling than RoRo shipping, so if you have a valuable or classic car, you may prefer to ship within its own shipping container.

For more details on our container shipping services, take a look at our Car Shipping by Container page on our website.

If you have a large amount of personal items, you may consider to use the services of our sister company 1st Move International, who have extensive household goods, furniture and personal effects shipping services.

LCL Shipping to the Philippines

If you have a motorbike to ship to the Philippines, we have our LCL service option. LCL stands for Less than Container Load, and this involves consolidating your shipment with other exporters goods in a shipping container. This allows us to ensure regular UK departures, often weekly, utilising commercial co-load companies.

All of our motorbike shipments are packed into bespoke crates, and you are welcome to take a look at the process on our motorbike shipping page, which includes videos of our recently crated motorbikes.

How much does it cost to ship a car from the UK to the Philippines?

Below is a table of indicative car shipping costs and prices from the UK to the Philippines. Rates and prices shown are current at the time of writing but please check with us prior to booking. Rates are port to port shipping only and exclude documentation and customs clearance costs, duties and taxes, car collection costs, and redelivery (if required) at the destination.

Car Shipping UK to the Philippines Costs via FCL

From To Service Type Cost
Southampton Cebu 20ft Container £2,296
Southampton Cebu 40ft Container £3,244
Southampton Davao 20ft Container £2,379
Southampton Davao 40ft Container £3,411
Southampton General Santos 20ft Container £2,296
Southampton General Santos 40ft Container £3,578
Southampton Manila North 20ft Container £2,171
Southampton Manila North 40ft Container £2,619

Car Shipping UK to the Philippines Costs via RoRo

From To Service Type Cost
Southampton Bauan (Batangas) Car £1,859
Southampton Bauan (Batangas) SUV £2,096

If you would like an up-to-date quotation based on your own requirements, then simply complete the quotation form found on this page, and our team of knowledgeable and dedicated car shipping experts will come back to you ASAP.

Nationwide Vehicle Collection Services

If you aren’t able to deliver your car to the UK port, or container loading facility, then we are able to arrange a collection from whichever UK address is required. All of our vehicle movements are fully insured, giving you peace of mind when you book with Autoshippers.

We can even collect motorbikes, using specialist carriers, from your door to the packing facility.

Importing A Vehicle into the Philippines

If you are moving to the Philippines, and are taking your used vehicle with you, you are able to import in under the No Dollar Import (NDI) program. You must however, also meet other requirements if you are to qualify, and you can only import one vehicle qualifiable person.

To qualify you must be either;

  • A Special Resident Retiree’s Visa holder
  • A 13g or 13a Visa holder
  • A 47A2 Visa Holder
  • Have dual citizenship
  • Be a Filipino Citizen who has lived overseas for at least one year

The vehicle that you are importing must also meet strict requirements to qualify under the NDI program.

  • Be left hand drive
  • Have a Gross Vehicular Weight under 3,000kgs
  • Have a Certificate of Roadworthiness and Emission Compliance, which must be authenticated by the Philippine embassy in the UK.

As the Philippine government are trying to protect the local motor vehicle industry, there are local duties and taxes to pay when you import a vehicle from overseas.

These are;

  • 30% Customs Duty
  • 12% VAT
  • 15% - 100% Ad Valorem Tax (depending on engine size

Before you look at any of these things though, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Authority to Import (CAI) from the Fair-Trade Enforcement Bureau. This involves you completing an application and paying the applicable fees. You must also send the following documentation along with your completed application;

  • Copy Passport
  • 2x2 Passport Picture (Signed)
  • Picture of your vehicle
  • Copy V5
  • Certificate of Roadworthiness and Emission Compliance
  • Copy Visa if applicable

Classic Car Shipping from the UK to the Philippines

Recent changes in the regulations around the importation and registration of classic, or vintage, cars into the Philippines means that they may not be covered by the strict requirements around importing standard vehicles.

For example, if the vehicle is more than 40years old, and it is unmodified and in it’s original condition, you may be able to import a right hand vehicle into the Philippines. The importation of classic cars is also not bounded by restrictions under the NDI program, meaning that anyone can import any number of qualifiable vintage vehicles into the Philippines.

For more information on this complicated subject, take a look at our recent blog Everything You Need To Know About the Philippines Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act which should give you the up to date answers to your questions.

Shipping a Car to the Philippines with Autoshippers

If you have any questions, or would like any help or advice on any aspect of vehicle shipping, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call on 0117 982 8123 / 0800 389 0784, or complete our quotation form found on this page. We are here to help!

Video - How We Ship Your Car to Philippines

In this video we show you our process for shipping your car from the UK to Philippines in a 20ft container.

  • The car is loaded and secured at our facility to ensure it doesn't move during shipment.
  • It is driven into the container and positioned before all four wheels are safely chocked using either metal or wood chocks.
  • Strong, padded ratchet straps are used to lash the wheels to the container's built-in securing eyelets.
  • If straps cannot be secured around the wheels, the vehicle's front and rear towing eyelets are used for secure lashing.
  • All shipping containers adhere to strict safety regulations, ensuring structural integrity and protection from weather conditions.

Check out our container car shipping page for more information on our container shipping process, and for more car shipping videos see our video gallery.

Main Ports for Car Shipping to the Philippines


The largest port in the Philippines, split between the North Harbour, South Harbour and the Manila International Container Terminal. The North harbour is mainly for the use of domestic cargo, has 7 piers and contains the North Port Passenger Terminal, which is the main hub of 2GO, the largest inter-island ferry company in the Philippines. The South Harbour has 5 piers, and is used mainly for international cargo.

  • Annual Container Volume: 4.5million TEUs
  • Annual Footfall: 72 million passengers
  • Cargo Volume: 72 million tons

Port of Cebu

Consisting of both International and domestic sections, located in Cebu City, this is the largest domestic port in the Philippines. Has the capability for container handling, bulk handling and refrigerated container handling.

  • Annual Container Volume: 820,000 TEUs
  • Annual Footfall: 18 million passengers
  • Cargo Volume: 31 million tons

Port of Davao

Primarily handling containerised and bulk traffic from the raw material industries, the Port of Davao is located in Brgy Sasa. It also has passenger traffic moving between the islands in the region.

  • Annual Container Volume: 544,000 TEUs
  • Annual Footfall: 1.6 million passengers
  • Cargo Volume: 9.8 million tons

Port of General Santos

Located in Barangay Labangal, the port of General Santos is an export and import hub for many shipping lines, with several ferry services including some international ferries.

Bauan International Port

A RoRo and project cargo terminal serving both the automobile and construction industries, located around 120 kilometres south of Manila. Also capable of receiving containerised cargo, break bulk and general cargo.

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