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International Motorbike Shipping from the UK

Autoshippers provide fast motorbike shipping services to the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and more. We ship bikes from the UK to over 144 countries worldwide. We are fully accredited members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and our dedicated team of experienced packing and shipping professionals provide a tailored service to suit your requirements when you ship your bike overseas.

Motorbike Collection Services

We have a daily motorbike collection service providing nationwide coverage from anywhere in the UK and arrange for your bike to be transported either to the port of departure or to our packing facility using specialist motorcycle collection vehicles. You can of course make your own arrangements to deliver your bike yourself if you wish.

We provide the necessary directions, required customs documentation and paperwork for you to make delivery direct to the port or packing station.

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Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Motorbike Shipping

RoRo shipping will see your bike ridden on to a specialist vessel designed for the transportation of cars and motorbikes and secured into purpose-built racks. Bikes are then simply driven off at destination for customs clearance and collection. This service is not as common as it previously was, and is not available for all destinations.

Shipping Motorbikes the Autoshippers Way

Our preferred method of shipping motorbikes, is to pack them in custom built shipping crates, and utilise commercial oceanfreight groupage services. These offer regular sailings to countries throughout the world.

Secure Crating for your Motorbike

All shipping crates are individually built to the exact measurements of each bike, and are packed by our professional packing team. All wood used is ISPM15 compliant, meaning it can be used for international transport.

First of all, your bike is positioned on to a solid, machine base, wooden floor with 3” x 4” runners. The kick-stand and wheels are then secured to the base using wooden chocks which are screwed into place, to prevent movement via shipping.

We use 90mm hex head steel screws, making sure that all wooden chocks remain in place, and add polystyrene sheeting to further protect the bike.

High tenacity polyester rachet straps are used to secure your motorbike to the base of the crate, and these are also chocked into place using ISPM15 compliant wooden chocks and 90mm hex head steel screws.

The straps have a break strain of 500-800kgs.

If you have additional items, spares or personal effects, to ship with your Motorbike we may be able to pack them within your crate, or crate/palletise separately for shipping. Please ensure that you check with our sales team whether or not we can accommodate this at the time of quotation.

Wooden side panels are then secured to the base, using 70mm hex head steel screws and, where necessary, extra padding is added to protect your bike (for example on handlebars) Your motorbike is then covered in clear plastic for even more protection.

Padded timber supports are secured along the top of the crate, for extra structural support, before the top of the crate is secured using 70mm hex head steel screws.

Finally, markings are added to the outside of the crate for identification purposes, the crate is strap banded with a security seal attached ready for shipping.

To see this in detail, pay a visit to our video on YouTube, and subscribe to our channel whilst you are there.

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Airfreight your Motorbike

Crated bikes can be airfreighted worldwide and we offer great rates for all destinations. In some cases, it can be more cost effective to airfreight your motorbike than to ship via our seafreight services, and of course it is much faster.

How much does it cost to ship a motorbike overseas?

The cost of shipping a motorbike from the UK varies, depending on the measurements of your bike and your destination. Shipping a motorbike to New York, USA for example will cost from around £360, whereas shipping a bike to Wellington, New Zealand will cost from £460.

The costs shown in the table below are based on shipping an average sized motorbike with a crated volume of 3.00 cubic metres, from either our London or Bristol depot. Due to rate of exchange and shipping line cost fluctuations, these are a guide only, and are subject to change.

These motorbike shipping costs below do not include the costs to make the bespoke timber crate. As these are based on the exact size of your motorbike, these can be advised at the time of quotation, and confirmed on receipt of your motorbike into one of our packing sites.

Prices exclude the usual duty and taxes at destination, shipping insurance and any onward delivery or handling costs on arrival. We can also arrange nationwide UK collection if required. Below is only a selection of the 6500 destinations we cover and are published as a guide only.

To get accurate and up to date motorbike shipping costs please complete the quote form on this page.

Cost of Shipping a Motorbike Overseas

Country City Price
USA New York £398
Boston £435
Baltimore £423
Norfolk £485
Jacksonville £510
Miami £448
Houston £423
Los Angeles £473
San Francisco £548
Seattle £573
Canada Montreal £490
Toronto £490
Vancouver £590
Australia Adelaide £483
Brisbane £483
Fremantle £423
Melbourne £470
Sydney £483
New Zealand Auckland £475
Wellington £511
Lyttelton / Christchurch £537
Malta Marsaxlokk £430
Cyprus Limassol £413
United Arab Emirates Dubai £316
Abu Dhabi £365
Sharjah £420
China Hong Kong £343
Kenya Mombasa £468
Nairobi £716

For a bespoke and highly individual motorbike shipping service and for more information about our great rates and worldwide shipping services, you can request a quotation using the form on the left of this page. If you would like to speak to one of our team you can call us Free on 08003890784 or if you would just like to ask us a quick question you can contact us here.

Recent Arrivals

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