Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Shipping

Considered one of the easiest car shipping methods, RoRo is preferred by some of the world's leading car manufacturers.

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This method offers extra protection as well as the opportunity to ship personal belongings inside the vehicle.

Car Shipping USA

Shipping your car from the UK to the USA with Autoshippers

Weekly Car Shipping by Container and RoRo

Auto Shippers UK offer professional car and auto shipping services direct from all main UK ports to and from the USA. We have been shipping cars to North America for over 20 years and our network of agents throughout the USA offer bespoke customs clearance and delivery services to all US states.

How much does it cost to ship a car from the UK to the USA?

The average cost to ship a car to the USA is roughly £801. This cost varies depending on your exact destination and type of vehicle. For example, shipping a saloon car to New York costs £880, with a transit time of about 11 days. Please ask for a quote on our website to receive a free estimate tailored to your needs.

See below for indicative car shipping costs for the major US destinations. Rates are current at the time of writing but may vary depending on the exact destination and vehicle dimensions. Please check with us prior to booking. Rates are port to port shipping only, and exclude duties and taxes, car collection costs and redelivery (if required) at the destination.
This table should be used as a guide only. To receive an accurate quote specific to your destination and vehicle, please take a moment to complete the quote form on this page and we will get back to you soon with a FREE quote to ship your car to the USA.

Car Shipping UK to USA Costs

Destination Standard Saloon Car SUV / 4x4
Baltimore £643 £788
Brunswick £801 £1058
Charleston £801 £1058
Galveston £1015 £1327
New York £880 £1175
(50 miles to Houston)
£931 £1144
Port Everglades
(30 miles to Miami)
£1381 £1676
(327 miles to Miami)
£685 £830
Port Hueneme
(70 miles to Los Angeles)
£1448 £1656
San Diego
(120 miles to Los Angeles)
£1448 £1656
(35 miles to Seattle)
£1309 £1760

USA RoRo Car Shipping

RoRo Car Shipping

We offer Roll on Roll off services for cars, SUVs, autos, motorhomes, trucks, vans and buses. All sailings are direct from the UK ports of Liverpool or Southampton to all Ro Ro ports in the USA including; Baltimore, New York, Norfolk, Brunswick, Miami, Charleston, Galveston, Jacksonville, Port Hueneme and Tacoma.
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Container Car Shipping

As an alternative to our Ro Ro services we also provide containerised car shipping to the USA for vehicles to be secured and shipped inside their own dedicated 20ft or 40ft shipping containers. Our UK Car Shipping container services operate on weekly departures from the main UK ports of Bristol, Felixstowe, Grangemouth, Liverpool and the Port of London with transit times to the East Coast in as little 8 days, Gulf ports from 14 days and the West Coast in only 22 days.
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R-Rak Car Shipping to the USA

Proven to be the safest system for shipping cars overseas, the R-Rack system now allows us to ship every week, direct to all main American ports with considerable savings to our clients and with the added benefit of more frequent sailings and faster transit times.

To receive a quote for any of the above services, please complete the quick form on the left of this page (top of the page for mobile users).

Additional Information for Shipping a Car to the USA

Quarantine Inspection

All vehicles shipped to the USA must meet a level of cleanliness as set by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Please take care in ensuring that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned both inside and out before shipping it to the USA to meet these standards. If your vehicle fails inspection, you may be subject to delays and added costs whilst the vehicle is cleaned before it can be cleared by customs.

25-Year Rule

The USA holds high safety and emmissions standards for all car imports (which you can read in more detail here) however vehicles over 25 years old are excempt from many of these. See here for a full breakdown of the 25-year rule.

Documents We Need

  • A Copy of the V5 (Licence Document) for your vehicle – we do not need the original.
  • A Copy of the photo page of your Passport
  • A Copy of a valid MOT certificate will only be requested if you require us to arrange collection of your vehicle in the UK using an insured driver. If your vehicle does not have a valid MOT, or if you would simply prefer, we can arrange collection using a recovery vehicle or enclosed collection vehicle

Documents Required by US Customs

  • Copy shipping documentation: A Bill of Lading. We will provide you with your Bill of Lading when your vehicle has been shipped from the UK.
  • A copy of your passport / Visa
  • A copy of the vehicle licence document (V5)
  • Completed NHTSA form HS-7.

If you are importing a 25-year old vehicle that does not conform to EPA and DOT standards, these additional forms are required.

  • Completed EPA form 3520-1 available here
  • Copy DOT Conformance Bond – to be attached to the HS-7 form.
  • Copy contract with the RI in regard to completion of modification work – to be attached to your HS-7 form.

For more in-depth information on customs, paperwork, taxes and more, please see our USA car shipping guide. For help or advice regarding any of the above, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 389 0784 or contact us here.

To request a quotation to ship your car simply post your enquiry using the form on this page.

Shipping your car out from the USA

Complete our easy auto shipping quote form on this page and let our car shipping agents In Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston or Savannah give you a tailored quote direct for shipping your car from any state in the US. They form part of the Auto Shippers network and all our US agents are BBB rated and members of AMSA. Fully bonded and insured to ensure a truly trouble free car shipping experience.

AutoShippers UK and our US partners have been shipping cars to and from the USA for over 20 years. We are experts in shipping all types of moving cargo including classic and vintage cars, motorhomes and SUV's. Between us we form the largest and most experienced network of professional car shipping companies operating between the UK and the USA and we ship over 25,000 cars per year to and from North America. You can be assured that we will always provide the care and attention needed to make sure your vehicle of choice will arrive safely.

UK to USA Ro Ro Sailing Schedules

Destination Vessel Sailing Date From Transit Times
Baltimore Hoegh London 22/08/2022 Southampton 10 Days
Hoegh Oslo 22/09/2022
Hoegh Trident 15/10/2022
Hoegh Seoul 16/11/2022
Brunswick Brooklands 13/07/2022 Southampton 12 Days
Hawaiian Highway 15/07/2022
Donington 26/07/2022
Orion Highway 28/07/2022
Charleston Brooklands 13/07/2022 Southampton 14 Days
Hawaiian Highway 15/07/2022
Donington 26/07/2022
Orion Highway 28/07/2022
Galveston Victoria Highway 01/07/2022 Southampton 13 Days
Horizon Highway 27/07/2022
Drive Green Highway 02/08/2022
Victoria Highway 11/08/2022
Jacksonville Hoegh London 22/08/2022 Southampton 10 Days
Hoegh Oslo 22/09/2022
Hoegh Trident 15/10/2022
Hoegh Seoul 16/11/2022
New York Treasure 03/07/2022 Southampton 11 Days
Morning Lisa 18/07/2022
Carmen 23/07/2022
Elektra 28/07/2022
Port Hueneme Golliath Leader 03/07/2022 Southampton 24 Days
Capricornus Leader 06/07/2022
Triton Leader 18/07/2022
Phoenix Leader 21/08/2022
Tacoma Oberon 14/07/2022 Southampton 28 Days
Tijuca 23/07/2022
Figaro 27/07/2022
Fidelio 29/07/2022

We provide additional information on USA customs car import regulations to assist you in shipping your car, details of which can be found on our USA customs guide here.

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