Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Shipping

Considered one of the easiest car shipping methods, RoRo is preferred by some of the world's leading car manufacturers.

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This method offers extra protection as well as the opportunity to ship personal belongings inside the vehicle.

Car Shipping UK to Singapore

Regular car shipping services direct from London and Southampton by Shared Container, Sole use Container and Roll on Roll off.

Shipping a car to Singapore?

At Autoshippers we provide 3 main methods of shipping your vehicle to Singapore from the UK:

  • Roll on, Roll off (RoRo) – Your vehicle is secured inside a specialised shipping vessel. Regular departures from Southampton.
  • 20ft Container – Your vehicle is secured inside it’s own 20ft container, allowing you to also load personal belongings with the car. Weekly sailings from London and Southampton.
  • Shared Container – Our shared container service uses the ‘R-Rak’ system to load up to 4 cars into a single 40ft container, reducing the overall shipping cost for each car.

How much does it cost to ship a car from the UK to Singapore?

Below is a table of indicative car shipping costs and prices from the UK to Singapore. Rates and prices shown are current at the time of writing but please check with us prior to booking. Rates are port to port shipping only and exclude documentation and customs clearance costs, duties and taxes, car collection costs, and redelivery (if required) at the destination.

Car Shipping UK to Singapore Costs

Vehicle Costs Service Type From:
Cars £1,115 Roll on Roll off Southampton
SUV £1,402 Roll on Roll off Southampton
1 x Vehicle £1,185 Sole use of 20ft Container Southampton
2 x Vehicles £1,535 Sole use of 40ft Container Southampton

Please make sure you are aware of current Singapore car import regulations and requirements before shipping your car with us. To get current rates to ship your car to Singapore please complete the online quote form on this page.

Video - How We Ship Your Car to Singapore

In this video we show you our process for shipping your car from the UK to Singapore in a 20ft container.

  • The car is loaded and secured at our facility to ensure it doesn't move during shipment.
  • It is driven into the container and positioned before all four wheels are safely chocked using either metal or wood chocks.
  • Strong, padded ratchet straps are used to lash the wheels to the container's built-in securing eyelets.
  • If straps cannot be secured around the wheels, the vehicle's front and rear towing eyelets are used for secure lashing.
  • All shipping containers adhere to strict safety regulations, ensuring structural integrity and protection from weather conditions.

Check out our container car shipping page for more information on our container shipping process, and for more car shipping videos see our video gallery.

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