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Auto Shipping Los Angeles, USA

Guide for the Port of Hueneme. Los Angeles, USA. Container and Ro Ro Car Shipping Information.

Find out about Hueneme port's history, facilities and more.

Car shipping hueneme port

Port of Hueneme (USA)

The Port of Hueneme is the only deep water port between the ports of Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Pacific Ocean and is an important vehicle import-export gateway.

It is located 40 miles south east of Santa Barbara and 337 miles south of San Francisco, 62 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Hueneme Canyon is a natural underwater deep canyon, which approaches close to the harbor entrance, providing good navigational access.


The word Hueneme (pronounced Y-NEE-MEE) is a Chumash Indian word meaning half-way, or resting place. Chumash Indians used the area as a departure point for their fishing lands.

US Senator Thomas Bard got the idea for a port at Hueneme when he heard about the canyon forming the entry to the natural harbor. Bard decided to build a port to assist with getting agricultural products to market. Bard's wharf was constructed in 1872.

In 1937, Richard Bard, son of Thomas and also a Senator, led the establishment of the Oxnard Harbor District and issued a bond for $1,750,000 to fund the development of the harbor. The harbor was completed in 1940.

During the Second World War, the government requisitioned the port for a naval base.

Following the war in the Pacific, the harbor was returned to private ownership, and in the 1960s developed as a base for the exploitation of local oil deposits. The 1970s saw the motor trade develop, with the one millionth vehicle passing through the port in the financial year 1990/91. The second millionth car was reached in 1999/00, and it took only four years to reach number 3,000,000.


The South Terminal has a continuous 1,800 foot wharf, giving 3 600 ft berths. The North Terminal provides two 700 ft berths at a 1,450 ft deep draft concrete piling wharf, providing facilities for roll-on/roll-off operations. One berth has heavy lift facilities.

Storage facilities include capacity for 3,600 vehicles. There is 98,000 square feet of warehousing. Port of Hueneme has dedicated 34 acres of terminal land for vehicle storage.

In addition, there are small craft berths and a special facility for handling oil spills.

Stevedoring facilities are provided by a third party company. Forklifts with up to 25 tons capacity and tugs up to 100 tons capacity are available.

Facts of Interest

• Port Hueneme has a beach popular with surfers. A beach festival has been held annually since 1998.
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