Wednesday, 30th September 2020


Police bikes shipped from the UK to Malta

Green for Gozo – Autoshippers Deliver Backup Bikes for Malta Police

International car and motorbike shipping specialists Autoshippers have delivered five Yamaha FJR 1300 motorbikes to the Maltese Police Traffic Section on behalf...
Image of a Reliant Regal - Similar Car Shipped to the USA by Autoshippers

Reliant Regal to the States

One instantly recognisable car among most Brits is the Reliant Regal, thanks to the antics of Del boy and Rodney on the...
Nissan Figaro

Surprisingly Popular Exports

Over the years, we've shipped all kinds of vehicles here at Autoshippers, from tractors to caravans, firetrucks, icecream vans and more.
Driving in Malta

Driving Guide: Malta

Consisting of three islands, the largest of which measures 14 by 27 kilometres, Malta is a very small country that's easy to get around...

The Internet’s Favourite Cars

One of the many (mostly positive) phenomenons of the internet has been the rise of social media outlets. Unlike say, Twitter, which arguably has...

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) And The Tired Driver

Distracted driving constitutes an important factor when it comes to the increased risk of road accidents globally. Accidents, by their very nature, are unexpected...
Triumph Mayflower

The Classic Cars That Should Not Be

Throughout automotive history, there have been some wonderful cars made and produced around the world to great acclaim. For every twenty or so of...
Most Expensive Cars Sold Infographic

10 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

We've made a neat infographic to show the most expensive cars ever sold at auction! Check it out below. For a high quality version please...


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