Shipping Vessel

When moving abroad, having a reliable mode of transport is vital. You may need it for your daily commute, for job interviews, to view houses or simply to explore the local area. There’s so much to do when you first arrive that sometimes the last thing you need is to be grappling with the public transport system. So what’s better? To buy a car on arrival, or to ship your current car overseas?

Buying a Car Abroad

Buying a car abroad takes up valuable time and can be an expensive exercise. Did you know for destinations such as Australia, as well as the price of the car you also have to factor in additional costs such as Vehicle Registration Duty, Vehicle Transfer Fee, compulsory Third Party Insurance and Luxury Car Tax?

All these additional costs and taxes can add hundreds (perhaps even thousands) on top of the purchase price. These taxes vary from country to country. To find out how much tax you will have to pay for a used car in Australia check out the Vehicle Licence Duty Calculator provided by Western Australia, but do note that taxes vary from state to state.

Shipping a Car

The main benefit of shipping your car is that you can drive it straight away. In Australia for example, your UK licence will be valid for up to a year.

Your car is familiar to you, so whilst you are navigating busy and unfamiliar cities, it is of some comfort to be driving your own vehicle rather than needing to get used to a completely different car, which can add to the stress of your journey.

What’s more, you know your car and its service history whereas a buying a used car is always going to be a risk.

Cost of Shipping a Car

For less than the price of a good used car, you could ship your car and have it delivered straight to your door! A standard used saloon in Australia can cost as much as $20,000 whereas shipping costs for the same car could be less than £1,500.

Obviously it depends to a large extent on how much you value your car as well as its potential value on the marketplace. An old banger may not be worth the shipping costs to Australia but a well cared for and loved car will be.