Lamborghini Huracan

One of the many (mostly positive) phenomenons of the internet has been the rise of social media outlets. Unlike say, Twitter, which arguably has been reduced to a place mainly for venting our frustrations, other platforms such as Instagram allow us to share things we find pleasant and enjoyable, by and large.

Instagram was created in October 2010 and has gone from strength to strength, even if these days it is adulterated by annoying advertising. It is still nice to see, like and share the photographic work of friends and strangers alike from all over the world. It is now used by over 500 million people every day and the most popular picture by far is that of… an egg?

Car Spotting!

One aspect of Instagram that appeals to many is being able to share interesting encounters we have. Everything from pleasing floral displays to breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. There are communities for almost anything you can think of, and car spotting is no exception.

Car spotting has always been a popular pastime among motoring enthusiasts ever since the days when schoolboys would deck their walls with their favourite cars in the form of posters. These days we snap them and put them on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, most mainstream cars fail to make any sort of impact but classic cars do and so do supercars; especially supercars.

Global Favourites

For the most part, the most glamorous cars on the planet hold the top positions, without exception. It is a close run but the Lamborghini Aventador holds pole position. This is likely due to the fact that there isn’t yet anywhere near as many Huracan’s knocking about, in the same way that classic cars don’t feature much because of the rarity.

The Lamborghini hashtag alone has almost 15 million posts. The Aventador has been hashtagged no less than 3,309,068 times although that figure will have risen by now.


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This is followed by the more practical and hugely desirable Audi R8, still over three million…


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Then, coming up the charts in third place is the aforementioned Lamborghini Huracan at around two and a half million posts.


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Why We Do It

In this possibly soon-to-be autonomous world where all cars will look like budget shuttles, it is good to know that people still admire the cars whose ethos derives from the golden age of motoring. Nevermind that we can’t afford them. Forget that they are impractical and not at all economic; that’s not the point.

The people who photograph these cars parked in smart shopping streets and outside expensive hotels may not even especially be interested in cars, they are just glad that they are there if for no other reasons than to show their Instagram mates that they are standing next to a supercar.

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