Autoshippers understand that when it comes to shipping a car, there is usually more to the story than meets the eye. That is why we take extra care when it comes to fulfilling your car shipping needs. We are prepared for shipping classic cars or new cars or anything in between. 

One recent story that highlights our commitment to customer satisfaction is an order for shipping an Opel GT. Our classic car shipping experience was able to help this customer live his dream by shipping his car to the States, and we can help do the same for you. 

Chris and Steve’s Story

Chris and his dear friend Steve worked offshore together for over 14 years. Their friendship included travelling the world and visiting various cities from all over. Steve was diagnosed with terminal cancer and fought bravely during treatments. He was passed fit for work after beating his cancer but sadly passed away offshore last year after only a short time back at work. 

Before he died, Steve and his friend dreamed of doing a European and West Coast USA road trip together. In this dream, they would buy an older car to drive in each country to either keep or sell when they were done, before moving on to the next destination.

Steve not only dreamed about this plan, but he actually bought a 1972 Opel GT rotisserie to restore for the journey (pictured above in all its glory). He worked on the 2.4Ltr Opel Frontera engine (complete with a full electronic fuel and ignition system) for a number of years until it was completely restored. Chris remarks that they always spoke about the trip they would take with it when it was done. 

The very Opel GT bought and restored by Steve, on arrival in the USA.

Sadly, Steve died before he was able to complete his dream, but Chris knew he needed to buy the car to complete the dream and keep the memory of his friend alive.

This car we spoke about for years as he restored it. I just felt I needed to buy this car, and keep it in his memory. 

Opel GT shipped to the USA - Classic car shipping

He had the car shipped to the United States using Autoshippers and went to Galveston Port to collect it personally. He remarks that there was so much excitement surrounding the car and his story that, “They told me they played rock/paper/scissors as to who would get to drive her off the ship.” 

 The Opel GT on arrival in America (rear)

Now that the car is shipped to the United States, Chris can ensure that Steve’s dream of taking it on a road trip around the West Coast can come to life. His memory will live on in not only his friend’s life, but also the lives of those who hear his story. 

The Opel GT 

Classic car history is a very interesting topic and the history of the Opel GT is no exception. The Opel GT is a two-seat sports car equipped with a front-engine and rear-drive. There were two generations of Opel GT cars that were separated by a 34-year break in production. 

First generations ran from 1968-1973 and made their first appearance at the Paris and Frankfurt motor show in 1965. The production included mechanical components from the Opel Kadett B and bodywork from Brissonneau & Lotz, a French contractor. It appears similar to the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette which debuted in September of 1967. 

Opel Experimental GT, 1965 - Frankfurt Motor Show
Opel Experimental GT, 1965 – Frankfurt Motor Show

The second generation of the GT ran from 2007-2009 and was a reworked variant of the Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice convertible made in Wilmington, Delaware in the United States. After that, Opel created the GT Concept in 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show. There were over 100,000 GTs made and 70,000 sold in North America.

The history of the Opel GT extends long before they started production. Designers included Chuck Jordan and Clare MacKichan who worked on the Chevrolet Bel Air and Chevy Camaro. The Opel GT was the most aerodynamic car made by General Motors in the 1960s. It was designed to reach cruising speeds of over 120 mph. 

The original had 15-inch wheels, a 128hp dual-carburetor engine, and front and rear anti-sway bars. It also has a 150mph speedometer synchronized to maintain a parallel needle position. A hybrid-energy model was made in the 19s. There was also a 1969 model made in “Aztec Gold” which caused quite a stir. 

A lot of people choose to drive an Opel GT for a variety of reasons. The Opal is a German-made car that combines timeless classic body styles with durable mechanical components. It makes people stop to look everywhere it goes and draws a lot of attention. The gas mileage averages between 22-27MPG. Even with all these important factors, it still is very reasonably priced. 

Buying and restoring an Opel is one of the most affordable classic sports cars you can work on as long as the chassis is relatively undamaged. It also compares well with the cost and maintenance requirements. You can usually find good parts for affordable prices compared to other classic cars. 


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