1st Move International and Autoshippers trade under the Standard Trading Conditions as approved by the British International Freight Association (BIFA).

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These are the terms and conditions of Insurance provided by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc. (the Insurers) via Basil E Fry & Co Ltd. (the Broker) and your International Shipper. In these Terms and Conditions, "we", "us" and "our" means Insurers. "You" and "your "means the Insured.

Household Goods and Personal Effects, Antiques, Motor Vehicles, Boats and items of similar interest as declared on the Proposal Form.

From the time the International Removers or their representatives take custody of the property insured until delivery at the destination described on the certificate including temporary storage incidental to transit of not more than 60 days after the arrival of the conveying vessel or aircraft. Subject to payment of an additional premium the period of insurance may be extended to cover property insured stored at a rental.

Super Cover is All Risks of physical loss and/or damage as per Institute Cargo Clauses (A) or Institute Cargo Clauses (Air), on an Indemnity Cover basis as defined below.
Standard Cover is as per Super Cover subject to a Policy Excess of 1% of the total sum insured under the certificate of insurance subject to a minimum of £25 and a maximum of£250.
Restricted Cover is total loss of complete packages or items detailed on the inventory or otherwise as per Institute Cargo Clauses (C).

In the event of loss of or damage to goods, the basis of settlement shall be the current used value of the lost or damaged item, after deduction for age, wear and tear.

This insurance does not cover:-
1.Loss or damage resulting from wear and tear, gradual deterioration, insects, moth, vermin, rust, mildew, climatic or atmospheric conditions or extremes of temperature.
2.Any financial loss other than loss, destruction or damage to the property insured.
3.Mechanical, electrical or electronic derangement unless caused by external physical damage to the item concerned.
4.Depreciation resulting from repairs.
5.Breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining or tearing of owner packed effect sunless caused by fire, stranding, sinking, collision or overturning of the vessel or conveyance. Also excluding claims for missing items from owner packed receptacles unless an itemised and valued list of contents is supplied to the international remover prior to commencement of transit.
6.Furs, Jewellery, Watches, Precious Stones and Metals, Money, Coins, Deeds, Bonds, Securities, Stamps of all kinds, Manuscripts or other Documents or Electronically held Data Records, Mobile Telephones, Perfumery, Tobacco Products, Foodstuffs, Wine, Spirits and the like, Firearms and Explosives, Livestock, Plants or Perishable Goods of any kind.
7.Loss or damage of motor vehicles caused by scratching, denting and marring unless a pre-shipment condition report is completed prior to shipment.
8.In respect of Motor Vehicles, loss or damage to the insured vehicle whilst being driven under its own power other than for the purpose of loading onto or unloading from the carrying conveyance or container. Loss of or damage sustained by accessories and removable items unless lost with the vehicle. Scratching, denting and bruising of motor vehicles over five years old at date of shipment.
9.Loss of or damage to motor vehicles caused by scratching, denting and marring unless a pre-shipment condition report is completed prior to shipment.


The values provided on the proposal form (or substitute document) must be the market value at destination. If you fail to provide the full values as described above you will only be entitled to recover from the insurers the proportion of the loss that the insured value bears to the full value of the item(s).

Where any lost or damaged item is part of a pair or set the insurers will only pay for the actual part or parts affected. A payment will not be made in respect of any undamaged parts.

The insurers may at their option repair or replace any articles lost or damaged or make a payment to the equivalent value not exceeding the insured value of the article. Duty on replacement parts will only be insured if duty is declared for insurance on the proposal form together with the shipping and packing costs. Insurers may require substantiation of ownership or value of any items lost or damaged. No property may be abandoned to the insurers.

In the event of loss or damage which may give rise to a claim under this certificate immediate notice in writing must be given to the Insurer's Agents as detailed below. Detailed notification of claim must be made within 30 days of delivery to the destination shown on the certificate or within 30 days of the scheduled delivery date in the event of non-delivery. Any claims submitted after this period has elapsed will be jeopardised, time being of the essence.

Insurers may cancel cover at any time by giving notice to that effect in writing by prepaid letter post to your last known address. The notice periods are:- 48 hours for risks covered by the Institute Strikes Clauses in respect of shipments to or from the USA and/or storage in the USA. 7 days for risks covered by Institute War and Strikes Clauses. 30 days in all other circumstances.

This insurance is subject to the following Institute Clause; War; Strikes Extended Radioactive Contamination Exclusion Clause; Termination of Transit Clause (Terrorism);Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical, Electromagnetic Weapons and Cyber Attack Exclusion. All Institute Clauses referred to within this Certificate are the London Institute Clauses current at the date the Certificate is issued.

The Parties are free to choose the law applicable to this Insurance Contract. Unless specifically agreed to the contrary this insurance shall be subject to English Law.

Wherever your final delivery is made, and in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, immediate notification should be given to our claim settling agents who are:-

Claire House, Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8BZTel. No. 01372 385970 Fax. No. 01372 385971. Email: info@removalclaims.co.uk. The following must always be provided: Your name and address for correspondence. Your certificate number. The name of the international remover with whom your original contact was made. As many details as possible of your claim.
Claims documentation will be sent to you immediately. In the meantime you should attempt to obtain estimates where viable for necessary repairs or replacement. If you did not endorse the delivery documentation when receiving your goods you should also write to the final delivery agents advising them of the nature of damage or loss. If local representation is required by the Insurers arrangement will be made by their claims settling Agents.

We aim to provide you with a first class service. If we have not delivered the service that you expect or you are concerned with the service provided, we would like the opportunity to put things right. Initially please raise your concerns with the international remover or Removal Claims Service. If your complaint is not resolved or you are not happy with our course of action proposed, you can progress your complaint to our Customer Relations Office who will conduct a separate investigation. This will be concluded with the issue of the company’s final decision in writing.
Customer relations contact details:-Customer relations office, Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc , Bowling Mill, Dean Clough Industrial Estate, Halifax HX3 5WA.
If you are still not satisfied Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc is regulated by the Financial Services Authority whose arbitration service is the Insurance Division, Financial Ombudsman Service, and you may be able to refer your complaint to them. Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR.
Your rights as a customer to take legal action remain unaffected by the existence or use of any complaint procedure referred to above. However, the Financial Ombudsman Service will not adjudicate on any cases where litigation has commenced.
Removal Claims Service is a trading name of Basil E Fry & Co Ltd. of Claire House, Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8BZ who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

British International Freight Association: Standard Trading Conditions 2005A Edition,  BIFA 2009

These Standard Trading Conditions (STC) are for the exclusive use of BIFA corporate members only. They provide safeguards for both the customer and the freight forwarder, and have the approval of representatives of shippers' organisations such as the Institute of Export and the British Shippers Council. These trading conditions are also registered with the Office of Fair Trading.

These conditions, like all trading conditions, can be rather lengthy, some key points have been
summarised at the bottom of this page

1st Move International Limited trade under the standard trading conditions of the British International freight Association. The "Company" named below is 1st Move International Limited. BIFA membership number 1884 (1999)


All headings are indicative and do not form part of these conditions


1 In these conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:-


the BIFA member trading under these conditions


the Person to whom the goods are consigned


any Person at whose request or on whose behalf the Company undertakes any business or provides advice, information or services

"Direct Representative"

the Company acting in the name of and on behalf of the Customer and/or Owner with H.M. Revenue and Customs ("HMRC") as defined by Council Regulation 2193/92 or as amended


the cargo to which any business under these conditions relates


natural person(s) or any body or bodies corporate


are Special Drawing Rights as defined by the International Monetary Fund

"Transport Unit"

packing case, pallets, container, trailer, tanker, or any other device used whatsoever for and in connection with the carriage of Goods by land, sea or air


the Owner of the Goods or Transport Unit and any other Person who is or may become interested in them

2(A) Subject to sub-paragraph (B) below, all and any activities of the Company in the course of business, whether gratuitous or not, are undertaken subject to these conditions.

(B) If any legislation, to include regulations and directives, is compulsorily applicable to any business undertaken, these conditions shall, as regards such business, be read as subject to such legislation, and nothing in these conditions shall be construed as a surrender by the Company of any of its rights or immunities or as an increase of any of its responsibilities or liabilities under such legislation, and if any part of these conditions be repugnant to such legislation to any extent, such part shall as regards such business be overridden to that extent and no further.

3 The Customer warrants that he is either the Owner, or the authorised agent of the Owner and, also, that he is accepting these conditions not only for himself, but also as agent for and on behalf of the Owner.


4(A) Subject to clauses 11 and 12 below, the Company shall be entitled to procure any or all of the services as an agent, or, to provide those services as a principal.

(B) The Company reserves to itself full liberty as to the means, route and procedure to be followed in the performance of any service provided in the course of business undertaken subject to these conditions.

5 When the Company contracts as a principal for any services, it shall have full liberty to perform such services itself, or, to subcontract on any terms whatsoever, the whole or any part of such services.

6(A) When the Company acts as an agent on behalf of the Customer, the Company shall be entitled, and the Customer hereby expressly authorises the Company, to enter into all and any contracts on behalf of the Customer as may be necessary or desirable to fulfil the Customer's instructions, and whether such contracts are subject to the trading conditions of the parties with whom such contracts are made, or otherwise.

(B) The Company shall, on demand by the Customer, provide evidence of any contract entered into as agent for the Customer. Insofar as the Company may be in default of the obligation to provide such evidence, it shall be deemed to have contracted with the Customer as a principal for the performance of the Customer's instructions.

7 In all and any dealings with HMRC for and on behalf of the Customer and/or Owner, the Company is deemed to be appointed, and acts as, Direct Representative only.

8(A) Subject to sub-clause (B) below,

the Company:

(i) has a general lien on all Goods and documents relating to Goods in its possession, custody or control for all sums due at any time to the Company from the Customer and/or Owner on any account whatsoever, whether relating to Goods belonging to, or services provided by or on behalf of the Company to the Customer or Owner. Storage charges shall continue to accrue on any Goods detained under lien;

(ii) shall be entitled, on at least 28 days notice in writing to the Customer, to sell or dispose of or deal with such Goods or documents as agent for, and at the expense of, the Customer and apply the proceeds in or towards the payment of such sums;

(iii) shall, upon accounting to the Customer for any balance remaining after payment of any sum due to the Company, and for the cost of sale and/or disposal and/or dealing, be discharged of any liability whatsoever in respect of the Goods or documents.

(B) When the Goods are liable to perish or deteriorate, the Company's right to sell or dispose of or deal with the Goods shall arise immediately upon any sum becoming due to the Company, subject only to the Company taking reasonable steps to bring to the Customer's attention its intention to sell or dispose of the Goods before doing so.

9 The Company shall be entitled to retain and be paid all brokerages, commissions, allowances and other remunerations customarily retained by, or paid to, freight forwarders.

10(A) Should the Customer, Consignee or Owner of the Goods fail to take delivery at the appointed time and place when and where the company is entitled to deliver, the Company shall be entitled to store the Goods, or any part thereof, at the sole risk of the Customer or Consignee or Owner, whereupon the Company's liability in respect of the Goods, or that part thereof, stored as aforesaid, shall wholly cease. The Company's liability, if any, in relation to such storage, shall be governed by these conditions. All costs incurred by the Company as a result of the failure to take delivery shall be deemed as freight earned, and such costs shall, upon demand, be paid by the Customer.

(B) The Company shall be entitled at the expense of the Customer to dispose of or deal with (by sale or otherwise as may be reasonable in all the circumstances):-

(i) after at least 28 days notice in writing to the Customer, or (where the Customer cannot be traced and reasonable efforts have been made to contact any parties who may reasonably be supposed by the Company to have any interest in the Goods) without notice, any Goods which have been held by the Company for 90 days and which cannot be delivered as instructed; and

(ii) without prior notice, any Goods which have perished, deteriorated, or altered, or are in immediate prospect of doing so in a manner which has caused or may reasonably be expected to cause loss or damage to the Company, or third parties, or to contravene any applicable laws or regulations.

11(A) No insurance will be effected except upon express instructions given in writing by the Customer and accepted in writing by the Company, and all insurances effected by the Company are subject to the usual exceptions and conditions of the policies of the insurers or underwriters taking the risk. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Company shall not be under any obligation to effect a separate insurance on the goods, but may declare it on any open or general policy held by the Company.

(B) Insofar as the Company agrees to effect insurance, the Company acts solely as agent for the Customer, and the limits of liability under clause 26(A) (ii) of these conditions shall not apply to the Company's obligations under clause 11.

12(A) Except under special arrangements previously made in writing by an officer of the Company so authorised, or made pursuant to or under the terms of a printed document signed by the Company, any instructions relating to the delivery or release of the Goods in specified circumstances (such as, but not limited to, against payment or against surrender of a particular document) are accepted by the Company, where the Company has to engage third parties to effect compliance with the instructions, only as agents for the Customer.

(B) Despite the acceptance by the Company of instructions from the Customer to collect freight, duties, charges, dues, or other expenses from the Consignee, or any other Person, on receipt of evidence of proper demand by the Company, and, in the absence of evidence of payment (for whatever reason) by such Consignee, or other Person, the Customer shall remain responsible for such freight, duties, charges, dues, or other expenses.

(C) The Company shall not be under any liability in respect of such arrangements as are referred to under sub-clause (A) and (B) hereof save where such arrangements are made in writing, and in any event, the Company's liability in respect of the performance of, or arranging the performance of, such instructions shall not exceed the limits set out in clause 26(A) (ii) of these conditions.

13 Advice and information, in whatever form it may be given, is provided by the Company for the Customer only. The Customer shall indemnify the Company against all loss and damage suffered as a consequence of passing such advice or information on to any third party.

14 Without prior agreement in writing by an officer of the Company so authorised, the Company will not accept or deal with Goods that require special handling regarding carriage, handling, or security whether owing to their thief attractive nature or otherwise including, but not limited to bullion, coin, precious stones, jewellery, valuables, antiques, pictures, human remains, livestock, pets, plants. Should any Customer nevertheless deliver any such goods to the Company, or cause the Company to handle or deal with any such goods, otherwise than under such prior agreement, the Company shall have no liability whatsoever for or in connection with the goods, howsoever arising.

15 Except pursuant to instructions previously received in writing and accepted in writing by the Company, the Company will not accept or deal with Goods of a dangerous or damaging nature, nor with Goods likely to harbour or encourage vermin or other pests, nor with Goods liable to taint or affect other Goods. If such Goods are accepted pursuant to a special arrangement, but, thereafter, and in the opinion of the Company, constitute a risk to other goods, property, life or health, the Company shall, where reasonably practicable, contact the Customer in order to require him to remove or otherwise deal with the goods, but reserves the right, in any event, to do so at the expense of the Customer.

16 Where there is a choice of rates according to the extent or degree of the liability assumed by the Company and/or third parties, no declaration of value will be made and/or treated as having been made except under special arrangements previously made in writing by an officer of the Company so authorised as referred to in clause 26(D).


17 The Customer warrants:

(A) (i) that the description and particulars of any Goods or information furnished, or services required, by or on behalf of the Customer are full and accurate, and

     (ii) that any Transport Unit and/or equipment supplied by the Customer in relation to the performance of any requested service is fit for purpose, and

(B) that all Goods have been properly and sufficiently prepared, packed, stowed, labelled and/or marked, and that the preparation, packing, stowage, labelling and marking are appropriate to any operations or transactions affecting the Goods and the characteristics of the Goods.

(C) that where the Company receives the Goods from the Customer already stowed in or on a Transport Unit, the Transport Unit is in good condition, and is suitable for the carriage to the intended destination of the Goods loaded therein, or thereon, and

(D) that where the Company provides the Transport Unit, on loading by the Customer, the Transport Unit is in good condition, and is suitable for the carriage to the intended destination of the Goods loaded therein, or thereon.

18 Without prejudice to any rights under clause 15, where the Customer delivers to the Company, or causes the Company to deal with or handle Goods of a dangerous or damaging nature, or Goods likely to harbour or encourage vermin or other pests, or Goods liable to taint or affect other goods, whether declared to the Company or not, he shall be liable for all loss or damage arising in connection with such Goods, and shall indemnify the Company against all penalties, claims, damages, costs and expenses whatsoever arising in connection therewith, and the Goods may be dealt with in such manner as the Company, or any other person in whose custody they may be at any relevant time, shall think fit.

19 The Customer undertakes that no claim shall be made against any director, servant, or employee of the Company which imposes, or attempts to impose, upon them any liability in connection with any services which are the subject of these conditions, and, if any such claim should nevertheless be made, to indemnify the Company against all consequences thereof.

20 The Customer shall save harmless and keep the Company indemnified from and against:-

(A) all liability, loss, damage, costs and expenses whatsoever (including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, all duties, taxes, imposts, levies, deposits and outlays of whatsoever nature levied by any authority in relation to the Goods) arising out of the Company acting in accordance with the Customer's instructions, or arising from any breach by the Customer of any warranty contained in these conditions, or from the negligence of the Customer, and

(B) without derogation from sub-clause (A) above, any liability assumed, or incurred by the Company when, by reason of carrying out the Customer's instructions, the Company has become liable to any other party, and

(C) all claims, costs and demands whatsoever and by whomsoever made or preferred, in excess of the liability of the Company under the terms of these conditions, regardless of whether such claims, costs, and/or demands arise from, or in connection with, the breach of contract, negligence or breach of duty of the Company, its servants, sub-contractors or agents, and

(D) any claims of a general average nature which may be made on the Company.

21(A) The Customer shall pay to the Company in cash, or as otherwise agreed, all sums when due, immediately and without reduction or deferment on account of any claim, counterclaim or set-off.

B) The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, as amended, shall apply to all sums due from the Customer

22 Where liability arises in respect of claims of a general average nature in connection with the Goods, the Customer shall promptly provide security to the Company, or to any other party designated by the Company, in a form acceptable to the Company.


23 The Company shall perform its duties with a reasonable degree of care, diligence, skill and judgment.

24 The Company shall be relieved of liability for any loss or damage if, and to the extent that, such loss or damage is caused by:-

(A) strike, lock-out, stoppage or restraint of labour, the consequences of which the Company is unable to avoid by the exercise of reasonable diligence; or

(B) any cause or event which the Company is unable to avoid, and the consequences of which the company is unable to prevent by the exercise of reasonable diligence.

25 Except under special arrangements previously made in writing by an officer of the Company so authorised, the Company accepts no responsibility with regard to any failure to adhere to agreed departure or arrival dates of Goods.

26(A) Subject to clause 2(B) and 11(B) above and sub-clause (D) below, the Company's liability howsoever arising and, notwithstanding that the cause of loss or damage be unexplained, shall not exceed

(i) in the case of claims for loss or damage to Goods:

(a) the value of any loss or damage, or

(b) a sum at the rate of 2 SDR per kilo of the gross weight of any Goods lost or damaged

whichever shall be the lower.

(ii) subject to (iii) below, in the case of all other claims:

(a) the value of the subject Goods of the relevant transaction between the Company and its Customer, or

(b) where the weight can be defined, a sum calculated at the rate of two SDR per kilo of the gross weight of the subject Goods of the said transaction, or

(c) 75,000 SDR in respect of any one transaction,

whichever shall be the least.

(iii) in the case of an error and/or omission, or a series of errors and/or omissions which are repetitions of or represent the continuation of an original error, and/or omission

(a) the loss incurred, or

(b) 75,000 SDR in the aggregate of any one trading year commencing from the time of the making of the original error, and/or omission,

whichever shall be the lower.

For the purposes of clause 26(A), the value of the Goods shall be their value when they were, or should have been, shipped. The value of SDR shall be calculated as at the date when the claim is received by the Company in writing.

(B) Subject to clause 2(B) above and sub-clause (D) below, the Company's liability for loss or damage as a result of failure to deliver, or arrange delivery of goods, in a reasonable time, or (where there is a special arrangement under Clause 25) to adhere to agreed departure or arrival dates, shall not in any circumstances whatever exceed a sum equal to twice the amount of the Company's charges in respect of the relevant contract.

(C) Save in respect of such loss or damage as is referred to at sub-clause (B), and subject to clause 2(B) above and Sub-Clause (D) below, the Company shall not in any circumstances whatsoever be liable for indirect or consequential loss such as (but not limited to) loss of profit, loss of market, or the consequences of delay or deviation, however caused.

(D) On express instructions in writing declaring the commodity and its value, received from the Customer and accepted by the Company, the Company may accept liability in excess of the limits set out in sub-clauses (A) to (C) above upon the Customer agreeing to pay the Company's additional charges for accepting such increased liability. Details of the Company's additional charges will be provided upon request.

27(A) Any claim by the Customer against the Company arising in respect of any service provided for the Customer, or which the Company has undertaken to provide, shall be made in writing and notified to the Company within 14 days of the date upon which the Customer became, or ought reasonably to have become, aware of any event or occurrence alleged to give rise to such claim, and any claim not made and notified as aforesaid shall be deemed to be waived and absolutely barred, except where the Customer can show that it was impossible for him to comply with this time limit, and that he has made the claim as soon as it was reasonably possible for him to do so.

(B) Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-paragraph (A) above, the Company shall in any event be discharged of all liability whatsoever and howsoever arising in respect of any service provided for the Customer, or which the Company has undertaken to provide, unless suit be brought and written notice thereof given to the Company within nine months from the date of the event or occurrence alleged to give rise to a cause of action against the Company.


28 These conditions and any act or contract to which they apply shall be governed by English law and any dispute arising out of any act or contract to which these Conditions apply shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Further notes on Limited Liability, insurance and key points.

Card Payment Administration Fees
Payments by credit cards will carry a 2% administration fee and payments by debit cards will carry a £1.50 administration fee.

Limited Liability
In the car shipping industry, limited liability is standard practice because the shipping company does not know the value of a customer's vehicle. In many cases our limited liability will not cover the value of your vehicle in the event of loss or damage. We encourage all our customers to take out insurance to cover themselves against losses greater than the limits set out in our terms and conditions and for risks where they have no rights of recourse against the company.

Whilst every care is taken it is unfortunately a fact, that there are times, when for instance something does get damaged. Like all international shipping companies, 1st Move International relies on certain outside parties to assist with shipment of your vehicle. This may be the container driver, the shipping line, or indeed an over zealous customs officer who decides to inspect your vehicle. To cover for these eventualities we offer a Royal & Sun Alliance insurance policy to cover your goods whilst in our care.

Claims Time Limit

For vehicles shipped by 1st Move International, claims must be notified within 30 days of delivery to the destination shown on your insurance certificate or within 30 days of the scheduled delivery date in the event of non-delivery. If another company collects your vehicle from an overseas port or depot they must inspect the vehicle and any claims must be notified when the vehicle is handed out by the overseas port or depot. You will be asked to sign that you have received in good condition. Please ensure that the company collecting your vehicle checks it before signing. Insurers can refuse to pay claims if you do not adhere to these conditions. 

Sailing times

At all times the company only uses reputable, long standing carriers and whenever possible the company will endeavour to meet with the first available scheduled departure from the UK. Notwithstanding this there are occasions when we are unable to meet an intended vessel, these include random UK customs inspections prior to shipment which may delay loading to the vessel. Bad weather resulting in vessel delays. Change of schedules by the shipping lines, this is very rare as they are mostly fixed weekly schedules. Circumstances beyond our control including vehicle breakdowns, industrial disputes or occasional periods of high customer activity. Please check with us to confirm your anticipated shipping dates.

Arrival Times

The company is subject to the sailing schedules of third parties, these can be affected by a number of factors including weather, industrial disputes, mechanical failure of port or shipping lines facilities, shipping line schedule changes, and the vagaries of worldwide customs authorities. These are circumstances over which we have no control and as such the company, like all other shipping companies, cannot guarantee any arrival times when shipping goods by sea.

Overseas Customs Authorities.

We have absolutely no control over overseas customs authorities or border control agencies. Customs authorities have the right to exam any goods crossing their borders and have no obligation to facilitate this process quickly. It is up to the client to properly declare their goods according to the laws and regulations in their arriving country. Whilst we have overseas agents who can assist in facilitating customs clearance procedures neither they, nor 1st Move International, can intervene in the event that a shipment is delayed due to customs intervention. Neither can the company be held responsible for any costs involved in such delays.

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