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Great River Road - Best US Road Trips - Shipping Your Car to the USA.

The Best Road Trips in the USA

The United States is full of natural beauty, national parks, and scenic highways. With so much to see, it’s no wonder road trips are...
Best Australian Road Trips

The Best Road Trips in Australia

With its wild coastlines, rugged outback, and expansive horizons, Australia is best explored on the open road. There’s so much to take in when...

The Best Road Trips in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country on Earth, with more than six million square kilometres of land to explore. The Great White North is known...
Police bikes shipped from the UK to Malta

Green for Gozo – Autoshippers Deliver Backup Bikes for Malta Police

International car and motorbike shipping specialists Autoshippers have delivered five Yamaha FJR 1300 motorbikes to the Maltese Police Traffic Section on behalf...
The best new zealand road trips - new zealand mountainscape - car shipping to new zealand

The Best Road Trips in New Zealand

Between its vibrant, untouched landscapes and comfortable subtropical climate, New Zealand is any traveller’s dream. With Hobbit houses and spectacular hikes, there is...
Nissan Figaro

How to Buy and Ship a Nissan Figaro to the USA

Along with the Land Rover Defender, the Nissan Figaro is one of the vehicles we're most commonly tasked with shipping to the...
car airbag - us illegal car imports - car shipping usa

Why Are Some Cars Illegal to Ship to the USA?

The regulations around a car's eligibility for import to the US can be somewhat confusing – not least because different rules apply in different...
Calculator - Vehicle import tax and duties when shipping a car to America

Taxes & Duties Explained – Importing a Car to the USA

If you're taking a car into the United States and choose AutoShippers to ship it for you, we will always strive to...
Driving in the US - Car Insurance in the US - Car Shipping USA

How to Insure a Car When Shipping to the USA

If you're a UK driver heading to the US, you're off to a better start than drivers from many other countries. You can...
US 25-Year Import Rule

Everything You Need to Know About The 25-Year Rule

If you want to take a car to the USA – whether you're moving there yourself and taking your car with you, or whether...


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