Monday, 27th January 2020


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) And The Tired Driver

Distracted driving constitutes an important factor when it comes to the increased risk of road accidents globally. Accidents, by their very nature, are unexpected...
Slad Valley

Add Romance To The Road

Driving isn’t just about A to B. It is also about pleasure; that combination of man and machine working together in perfect harmony. Even...
Driving with dogs

Driving With Dogs

Clearly, this is not meant to suggest that an owner should let his dog drive; their feet won’t reach the pedals for a start....
Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Driving Guide For UK Expats – Rules, Laws and...

Those visiting or relocating to Hong Kong from the UK will have one big advantage when it comes to driving: as a former UK...
Driving in the EU after Brexit

Driving in Europe After Brexit

Just about the only thing anyone can say confidently about Brexit at the time of writing, is that it would be foolish for an...
Cyprus Licence Graphic

How to Obtain a Cyprus Driving Licence

Cyprus presents few challenges when it comes to driving: Cypriots drive on the left and all the motorway signs are printed in English. This extends,...
Canadian Driving Licence Graphic

How to Obtain a Canadian Driving Licence

If you're visiting Canada for only a short space of time, you do not need to apply for a Canadian licence: if you hold...
Bow Lake, Canada

Canada: Driving Guide For UK Expats – Rules, Laws and Regulations

If you're going to find yourself driving anywhere overseas, then Canada is without doubt one of the best places to do it. Where else...
Young Australian Female Driving Car

How to Obtain an Australian Driving Licence

With the quadruple whammy of a prospering economy, a shared language, stunning scenery and warm weather, Australia is one of the most popular destinations...
Kangaroo road sign in Australia

Australia: Driving Guide For UK Expats – Rules, Laws and Regulations

Australia has long been a popular destination for British tourists and ex-pats: after all, as a former British colony, almost everyone speaks English and...


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