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Land Rover Evoque shipped as a birthday present by Autoshippers. VAT Qualifiying Vehicles, Personal Export Scheme and how to ship your car overseas

VAT Qualifying Vehicles & The Personal Export Scheme

When looking at car dealer’s websites, you may have seen vehicles advertised as “VAT Qualifying” and wondered what that meant, and whether it is...

Why Should I Ship My Land Rover to the USA?

We take a look at the Pros and um, Pros, of selling and shipping your Land Rover to the lucrative US...

Debunking 8 Myths About Car Shipping

Are you thinking about moving abroad and bringing your car with you? There are various services out there that can get your...
Restoring a classic Land Rover Defender 90 that was shipped to Las Vegas, USA by Autoshippers car shipping

The Best Places to Find Classic Car Spares

If you’re a proud owner of a classic car, you’ll know how fulfilling it is to toot around the streets in a symbol...
ship a car in a container

Top Reasons for Shipping a Car Overseas

Bags packed, passport in hand, toothbrush, charger, car keys… Wait, do you need your car keys? If you’re planning a trip abroad, you might...
roro car shipping cover image

Six Things to Know Before You Ship a Car Internationally

If you’re planning on toot-tooting overseas, you might be feeling a little nervous about the task at hand. But with the right...
Classic car shipping banner

The Six Top Tips for Shipping a Classic Car

It’s hard not to stop, point and exclaim ‘look!’ when a gorgeous, timeless vintage car toots past us. They are a real treasure and...
Ro Ro Car Shipping

What to Know When Shipping a Car

Are you planning to ship a car abroad for the first time? Perhaps you have a classic car that you want to...
Dealer giving keys to customer in showroom - Buying a car online

Our Guide on How to Buy a Car Online

You may have been planning to buy a car this past year and put off the idea due to the pandemic. With lockdowns and...
port congestion

Update on Worldwide Port Congestion and Possible Delays in Shipping

Under normal trading conditions, 1st Move International & Autoshippers offer weekly sailings to all our main destinations. Please note however that the...


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