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If you’re a proud owner of a classic car, you’ll know how fulfilling it is to toot around the streets in a symbol of times gone by. Whether you’re getting the car of your childhood dreams or you’re working on a fixer-upper as a labour of love, it can become a big part of your identity and lifestyle.

However, like any other delicate vintage item, these treasured old road runners need some TLC, which sometimes means replacing parts. It can be tricky when these parts are no longer made, but there are ways to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s look at the best places to find classic car spares.

Direct From the Supplier

The great thing about a classic car is its simplistic design. It makes for straightforward maintenance in case anything goes wrong, provided the parts are still available.

Depending on the vehicle’s make, it is possible to attain classic car parts straight from their original manufacturers. Moreover, these old car spare parts come with a guaranteed factory warranty are a lifesaver for many vintage car enthusiasts of some popular manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 

Auto Shops

Your car may be a gem for a former era; it may surprise you that some auto dealers and mechanics will stock old parts, especially if they’re also a vintage car-lover.

If you’re looking for a particular part, it’s a great idea to reach out to auto dealers and mechanics that stock these old parts to discuss your many options and get some helpful advice on the best road to go down. People know people, so you’re likely to find the right help from the right person. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction, and you might even discover what you’re looking for or have your car get a thorough inspection by someone who understands these vehicles and their parts.

Swap Meets

Swap meets are travelling markets of classic car spares, with hundreds of tents and keen sellers and buyers weaving in and out. It’s an excellent opportunity to socialise and network with other vintage car enthusiasts.

Popping up throughout the year, these swap meets can be found in cities all across the UK. They are a great way to up your knowledge in car restoration and get clued up on specific parts. In addition, you can chat with hundreds of sellers and classic car fans about what you want and need and what you should avoid.

To find your nearest event and the best information around, check out the dates for the upcoming swap meets.

Online Forums

You’re amongst thousands of classic car enthusiasts on the hunt for the perfect parts. So, why not learn from those who have been there, done that, bought the part? If you can’t make it to your nearest swap meet, finding valuable sources via online forums is a great alternative.

There are special forums out there dedicated to specific models, so you can get the information that is worthwhile for what you’re looking for. So begin your search with the make and model of your vehicle followed by “forum”, and the rest awaits you. With these helpful forums, you might even come across useful threads specific to the type of work you’re doing on your classic car and people who can offer advice about the process and parts.

3D Print it

Thanks to innovative, cutting edge technology, it’s now possible to get the classic car part you need using 3D printing. Since 2018, Porsche has been producing parts on-demand and at a fair price using 3D printing, in particular, a process called selective laser melting. Gone are the days when you would have had to get a part specially made at a steep cost, and with other leading manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, it could be more accessible than ever to get your hands on the old car spare parts you need

Salvage Parts

It can be a long quest to find the perfect classic car spare, so it’s worth taking the time to venture around junkyards to find that diamond in the rough. It may also be the cheapest alternative if you’re lucky enough to come across the part you’re looking for.

Rule number one of the salvage part search is to know precisely what you’re looking for. Also, you need to be able to separate the classic from the junk. Finding the right part in this situation calls for an expert eye; salvage yards are not the place for the inexperienced. So be sure to know what you’re after before lumping home rubbish.

Have a look through the directory to find your nearest UK salvage yard.

Fix it and Ship it

Finding the correct classic car spares can be tricky, but it’s certainly not impossible if you know where to look. Suppose you want to fix up your faithful vintage vehicle to sell internationally or transport it overseas for other reasons. In that case, you can trust Autoshippes to make sure your car is safely and efficiently shipped hassle-free with ease. We have plenty of experience shipping vintage vehicles, and we’d love to make yours the next. So get in touch with Autoshippers today and get your classic car from A to B in no time.